Celtics Agreement

Hayward signed a four-year, $120 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets, who struck a sign-and-trade deal with the Celtics for the Unlimited Free Agent. We handed over Gordon Hayward and 2 future second-round drafts to the @hornets against a future conditional second-round draft. The Trade and Commerce Agreement also creates a trade exception for Boston. The deal also creates a trade exception for the Celtics. Rumors about Tristan Thompson about the Celtics have been prevalent for quite some time, and it now looks like the parties have finally reached an agreement. Free Agent Center Tristan Thompson has reached a deal with the Boston Celtics, his agent @RichPaul4 @KlutchSports yahoo Sports. Most importantly, the Celtics now have an exception for players traded, which is expected to be around $30 million, with Hayward joining Charlotte with a four-year, $120 million contract. Correction Trade Exception is 28.5MNoch the largest in the history of the t.co/i0VLdWCvCU League The Celtics get a trade exception they believe is worth about $28 million, which would be the largest in NBA history. The trade exception must be enforced within one year and allows the Celtics to trade for a player on that salary without giving up the same compensation under the salary cap. OFFICIAL: We acquired forward @gordonhayward and 2 second-round picks in the purchase and trade agreement.

🙌 t.co/qHkCAyZFdT | @HMProperties pic.twitter.com/YpOxfsT9Xh news and information about Boston`s 17-time champion team. On paper, this is a bit surprising. Boston lost to Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals largely due to Bam Adebayo`s two-way dominance. Turner, who took fifth place in the Defensive Player of the Year election, might have held him back. Brad Stevens has always been keen to shoot in his centres. Turner took 250 3 points last season, more than Al Horford ever in Boston, and he played for Nate McMillan, whose Pacers tried the fewest 3 points in basketball. The fit seemed clean. Turner, six years younger than Hayward, would replace Hayward, support Boston`s rim protection and free up the ground for his many ball handlers. But Ainge felt he could do better, so he traded Hayward for a player who was to be named later.