Defense Cooperation Agreement Slovakia

This DSG has been negotiated in silence since 2016 without much controversy and only became a matter of public interest at the end of last month, when it was learned that one of the two junior partners in the government coalition, the conservative nationalist SNS (Slovenská národná strana /Slovak National Party), which runs the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic through its candidate, former General Peter Gajdoš, is hampering negotiations on the DCA by taking over closed issues and applying other delaying tactics. Things got worse on March 11, when the Defense Ministry withdrew from the TCA negotiations. The official justification of the Ministry, and then of the SNS, was that the conditions of the DCA restrict Slovak sovereignty. In particular, they claimed that the money, which Slovakia hoped to obtain from the United States for the reconstruction of the air bases ($105 million, or just over €93 million), would depend on the arrival of US military personnel, the construction of ammunition depots in Kuchyňa and fuel depots in Sliač and other concessions paving the way for a long-term US military presence in the country and making Slovakia a target in a potential NATO. Conflict with Russia. It requests that the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, which is leading the negotiations with the United States, publish the draft text of the DCA. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, headed by Miroslav Lajčák, candidate of the dominant coalition partner Smer (Directorate), opposes such an interpretation of the DCA and refuses to comply with the SNS`s invitation to publish the text of the DCA. .