Liberty Living Tenancy Agreement

« If you do not intend to stay in your Unit home for your third academic period (after Easter), » the company wrote on its website, « we will treat this as a return from your room (in fact, a lease discount with us) and you will not have to pay your rent. » 5.9 If we reasonably believe that an object in your possession or control is likely to harm you, others or our property, we may remove it from your home. Harmful objects include (but not limited) weapons (even under licence), chemicals, controlled substances and psychoactive substances. We will give you a receipt for all seized items and (unless perishable, animated or illegal to own) we will collect it for you at the end of your lease. We immediately throw away all perishable, animable or illegal items and other items if they are not recovered within 7 days of the end of your lease. We can argue on your part (in accordance with paragraph 3.6) the reasonable cost of storage and disposal. 9.3 We will charge you for a replacement if you do not return a key (or other access device) on or before the accommodation is evacuated (and if you lose one during the lease), but we will provide you with written proof of the amount. 1.6 In all other cases, we generally only accept cancellation requests if the cancellation does not cause financial harm to the university. Your contract will remain in effect until it expires or, if it is earlier, until it expires or, if it is earlier, until a tenant acceptable to us assumes responsibility for your accommodation. In deciding which is « acceptable, » we must act reasonably, but we will generally not accept replacements who are not our full-time students, have poor credit or disciplinary records, or who already live in one of our residences. If we agree to terminate your contract prematurely, we will charge an administration fee of 50 $US to cover our processing costs for a replacement tenant. 1. (a) The University of Leeds pays the deposit to Liberty Living and the deposit is then paid to the Deposit Guarantee Service (The DPS) and provided by the Deposit Guarantee Service (DPS). (b) The deposit is guaranteed within 28 days of the start of the lease with the DPS conservatory deposit system, the proof of which is sent to the tenant by e-mail from the DPS.

The tenant will be provided with the prescribed information, conditions and conditions of DPS, within 28 days of registering their deposit, the landlord agent will provide this information by email.