Shipping Agreement Sample

2.1 The airline undertakes to provide the shipper, for the duration of this contract, with the transportation and transportation logistics services specified in the following section 2 paragraphs, as requested from time to time by the carrier. 1. Definitions. For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings. Such meanings also apply to the singular and plural forms of defined terms, although this is not the case below. 3.2 Carriers and shippers agree on an acceptable method for calculating mileage. In the absence of a mutually agreed mileage program, all miles will be calculated with the most recent version of the (kilometer program list to use). This method applies to all tariff calculations and other mileage-based charges for the duration of this agreement, unless the parties mutually agree to apply another method. The shipper has the right to have third-party freight invoices checked to verify mileage and loading accuracy. (b) claims by carrier or transit operators in connection with the carrier`s shipping logistics provisions to the shipper, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, including the carrier`s assertion that it is a shipper agent for all intents and purposes; 6.2 Any party may terminate this contract for no reason if it is previously informed in writing by the other party that this termination is not effective before (insert a delay) (insert a delay). 12.3 The confidentiality obligations of the parties under this section 12 are maintained during and after the termination of the contract.

6.6 The shipper has the right to terminate this contract immediately if the carrier does not maintain the licences under Section 2 of this Agreement or if it provides transportation services to a carrier that has not been licensed. 12.1 The airline hereby undertakes to comply with its obligations under the confidentiality agreement previously reached with the sender, a copy of which is attached as a copy (enter the cover letter). 6.3 The airline has the right to terminate this contract thirty (30) days after prior written notification if the shipper has not complied with the terms of payment of an undisputed amount for more than thirty (30) days and if this amount is outstanding for more than thirty (30) days after written request from the carrier. This Contract is subject to Interpretation and is subject to the laws of the State of (sender of the name) and is subject to it. 6.5 If one party files for bankruptcy, if it is in effect as a bankruptcy administrator or judicial administrator, or grants an assignment to creditors or an agreement under a bankruptcy right, the other party may immediately terminate that notice. At all times, during the duration of the agreement, the carrier procures and maintains, confirming that each carrier has obtained it and maintains it at the sole expense and at the carrier`s expense, if applicable: 6.4 The shipper has the right to terminate the contract without delay after notification to the carrier if, according to the shipper`s reasonable judgment, the carrier does not provide the logistics of transport to the required standards. , or has systematically failed to provide such services in a timely manner, as indicated in the exhibition (letter of exposure on the list), provided that the carrier has been informed in writing and that the (s) defect (s) persists thirty (30) days after receiving such notification by the carrier.