Ua Learning Agreement

Because LifeTrack is a flexible program designed to create a passion for learning, we allow students to design their own in-depth study. If you are interested in this option, contact your counselor and the principal of New College as quickly as possible. A curriculum must be submitted and approved before completing your studies for 80 hours. The course contract is a written agreement between the student, the principal of the faculty contract and the LifeTrack program. Contracts can be applied to any area of the curriculum and are generally designed to learn outside the traditional classroom environment. You learn to design contracts while participating in the Foundations of Adult Learning (FOALS) seminar. Credits for contract learning are considered an AU real estate credit. This seminar is a great way to meet your advisor in person and meet other students from across the country who will do this adventure like you. They learn the orientation system, the curriculum and the study planning procedures. We will pass you through out-of-school apprenticeship contracts and evaluation procedures for previous learning. Being here on campus and meeting the people who will help you on this journey is a long way to go to launch a successful LifeTrack student.

The Apprenticeship Agreement is the document that defines AU subjects that wish to be validated by the host university courses. The coordinator of each qualification can guide you in its implementation and specify which topics can conclude the agreement and by which you can validate. The Senior Project is a feature of the LifeTrack program. This is the pinnacle of the skills you have learned here. Not only does LifeTrack drive your love of learning, but also teaches you how to tackle a topic in detail. The project is designed by you and includes research, analysis and synthesis of a particular theme. This is the last step to completing your bachelor`s degree. No more than 30 hours of a student`s curriculum can be earned through an evaluation of the priority learning portfolio.

Exchange students must complete their online learning contract via the virtual campus of UACloud, as explained in the LA Guide, one of the great possibilities of LifeTrack is that you don`t need to opt for a small major. With LifeTrack, you get a wide knowledge in the field you want to study. This is not only fun and flexible, but also prepares you for many career opportunities.