Volunteer Code Of Conduct Agreement

If you would like to receive information on cleaning measures, please send an email bcgvolunteer@jacksoncounty.org and you will receive an email containing dates, times and meeting locations. We encourage anyone who uses this route or who is involved in greenways to get involved. For more information, please contact bcgvolunteer@jacksoncounty.org of Jackson County Parks or (541) 774-6242. As an ELI project, I become: – Represent the ELI project with professionalism, dignity and pride and you are responsible for guiding me with courtesy and behavior. Follow accepted tasks and exclude them. Drive me with respect, be in good sportsmanship and be a positive role model. Show respect and courtesy to employees, other volunteers, program participants, visitors, clients and property. Provide a safe environment by not harming anyone in any way, whether through discrimination, sexual harassment, physical abuse, verbal or mental abuse, neglect or other harmful acts. Respect the privacy of those served by the organization and keep sensitive, private and personal information confidential. Keep ELI project staff informed of the progress, concerns and issues of the program I am involved in. As a team member, you work with collaborators and other volunteers.

Respect and follow the policies and expectations of ELI Project programs. Keep personal opinions and actions separate from those made as a representative of this organization. Avoid behaviour, both on and off duty, that would compromise the effectiveness of the program. Promote and support the ELI project in the development of effective local, county and state programs. Volunteers cannot use the information they have received because of their role in the association (for example. B, lists of sponsors or suppliers) for their own account, including financial benefits, nor disclose them for the use of others. This applies both during and after the period during which the person is a volunteer. RHPA volunteers comply with HRPA`s travel and fee policy and must only inc afford costs approved by HRPA staff or any other responsible person.

As a volunteer, you recognize that you owe the Arcadia University Alumni Association a duty of care that involves a duty of confidentiality. As part of your voluntary service, you may receive or have confidential information from the Alumni Association or third parties. Sometimes volunteers have to contact other volunteers for their activities as part of Operation BBQ Relief. We expect all of these volunteer communications to follow normal practice. With the exception of telephone numbers or email addresses, the BBQ Relief team will not share any contact or other personal information about a volunteer with another volunteer without the explicit consent of all stakeholders. Any intellectual property developed by a volunteer as part of his or her activity within the association (for example. B guides, training resources, promotional materials) is the property of the association. All volunteers who are not aware of the application of this code of conduct should contact staff for their mission.