Agreement Bank Reconciliation

Coordinating your bank account to ensure that your documents match your bank`s is an important financial step for each business. As a small business owner, it is especially important because you are less likely to keep a large balance in your account. The only document you need from your bank to complete a bank vote is your monthly statement. Depending on your bank`s policies, you can receive your statement of account by mail or electronically. Reconciliation is a process that businesses can benefit from, as it can help avoid balance sheet errors that could have adverse effects; In addition, reconciliation can contribute to the fight against fraud and financial integrity. Within the internal control structure, the separation of tasks is an important way to prevent fraud. One place where customs duties can be divided is between the cash payment cycle and bank votes. In order to avoid collusion between employees, the person who votes the bank account should not be included in the payment cycle. In addition, the bank should send the statement directly to the person who votes the bank account each month.

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