Personnel Outsourcing Agreement

(c) the execution, supply and execution of this contract by HireRight have been duly approved by HireRight and are not contrary to other agreements or constitute a delay to which HireRight is involved or bound; 3. Disclosure to TransWorks staff and other staff. The TransWorks person must (i) limit the disclosure of HireRight information to employees who legitimately « need to know this hireright information » for the sole purpose of performing the services required in the outsourcing contract, and (ii) all transworks individuals and collaborators must provide written information about the confidential and secretive nature of HireRight`s information. (a) anyone described as « engaged staff » in Schedule F is dedicating to the HireRight account full-time; Any key person identified as « unhired personnel » must be dedicated to the HireRight account at the stated commitment level, as the HireRight account is its primary responsibility and priority. Under no circumstances can TransWorks Key Personnel be directly involved in providing services to a HireRight competitor. 9.03 Data security. TransWorks must implement and maintain data protection safeguards against the unauthorized loss, modification or use or reproduction of HireRight data, which must be no less stringent than the HireRight data security procedure described in Schedule I. All TransWorks employees are required to verify these procedures and recognize this in writing. In the event that HireRight reasonably requests additional security measures (compared to those described in Schedule I) for HireRight data, TransWorks provides such additional procedures and internal security in accordance with HireRight`s request and management: if HireRight agrees that HireRight agrees in the event that HireRight undertakes to implement additional controls that are unique only to HireRight , the costs will be borne by HireRight. If TransWorks intends to change its data security procedures, TransWorks will notify HireRight and implement this change after hireRight`s agreement.