Property Online User Agreement

For more information on user and payment policies, see Property`s online user guide. Licensed lawyer: lawyer subject to the online use agreement of the property and the pre-authorized collection contracts required by Section 3 of the Land Registry Regulation. 5.11 With the exception of owners of intellectual property rights provided by our services, no third party acquired the rights to this agreement and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded. User: an employee or employee authorized to access POL under the terms of the agreement between SNSMR and the customer. 4.1 To the extent permitted by law, a affected party (as defined below) is not responsible for losses, absence or interruption of the provision of online services or their functions, or (c) the use or misuse of online services or equipment by the subscriber (if you have received assistance from a party insured for the use or misuse of online services) , (d) your use of devices in connection with online services, (e) the content of the material, (f) any delay or loss of service that is not properly controlled by an insured party, or (g) negligence of an insured party or its employees, contractors or auxiliaries related to the performance of obligations arising from this agreement. As the leading provider of full-text electronic magazines in the fields of science, technology and medicine, Ovid recognizes the importance of ensuring access to comprehensive texted data for customers who choose not to renew an online subscription. Therefore, if our publishing partners allow it and are not excluded by this or other factors, we are committed to providing continuous access to content added to a magazine during the customer`s initial subscription period. This directive aims to meet the needs of our customers to ensure continuity of access, taking into account the requirements of the publisher, the author and other copyrights. 1.4 All rights, titles and interests (including all copyrights and other intellectual property rights) of online services and materials (printed or machine-readable) belong to us or belong to our third-party suppliers. They do not acquire ownership of copyrights or other intellectual property rights over online services, materials or copies. Select the corresponding usage agreement in the list below and complete the agreement according to the instructions.

1.7 Other provisions governing your use of materials are set out in your applicable price plan, the additional conditions applicable to certain materials, online file descriptions, online notifications after file selection, and individual documents accessed on online services (together as « Additional Conditions »), all of which are included in these General Terms. This licensing agreement exists between RELX (UK) Limited, which is considered LexisNexis (« us or we »), and the person or company to which LexisNexis has agreed to provide services and materials online (« you »). The following terms and conditions govern your use of the online services provided by LexisNexis (the « online services ») and the content and content available there (« Materials »): the payment agreement for property online subscriptions. User contracts are processed within 10 business days.