Remote Support Agreement

MyTechWiz LLC may need to download and/or run software on your PC to diagnose and solve your personal technology problem. MyTechWiz LLC uses different types of software: the first type provides computer system information for MyTechWiz LLC that help us diagnose and solve your personal technology problem, the second type allows MyTechWiz LLC to remotely control your computer and modify its settings or software, and the third type is usually composed of utilities and other tools to improve computer performance and solve your personal technology problem. MyTechWiz LLC respects the ownership rights of software and hardware manufacturers and will not install or support any unauthorized hardware. The services and software and content provided by the services are protected by law, including copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents or other property rights and laws. MyTechWiz LLC is the copyright holder or licensee of services, software and content, unless otherwise stated. If you use services, software or content, unless specifically stated, you may violate copyright and other laws of the United States, other countries and applicable government laws, and you may be held responsible for this unauthorized use. We do not grant any user of our trademarks, trademarks, service marks, other copyrighted documents, patents or other intellectual property rights, a license or any other authorization by including them in the Services. You acknowledge and accept that the use of all third-party software and tools (which are accessed, downloaded or provided or made available with Services) is subject to licensing agreements that occur when the Software is accessed or downloaded or that may be returned. You cannot access the software without editing, downloading or using it without accepting the terms of the licensing agreements. You agree that we may download and use software on third-party sites and accept all applicable licensing agreements on your behalf.

You recognize and accept that we can download and install trial versions of software that expire and no longer work after a certain period (usually thirty days), unless you license to continue using this software. You can only use MyTechWiz LLC software in conjunction with the services and for no other purpose. You agree that we can remove software that has been downloaded to your computer during services, but that we do not have to do so after completing the services. Notifications and communications to MyTechWiz LLC must be sent to the address listed in these Terms or to A file is uploaded to your computer – your assistant helps you create the session. This agreement constitutes all understanding and contract between the parties and replaces all prior and simultaneous, oral or written statements, agreements and agreements between the parties with respect to the purpose of this Agreement, which are repealed all these statements, communications, agreements and agreements, to the extent that they are not expressly merged with them. The parties acknowledge and accept that neither party enters into this agreement on the basis of assurances or commitments not expressly included in the agreement. 2.

Remote surveillance. SPS can use information from remote software agents that proactively report system data and service information from your system. The acceptance of this agreement confirms and approves the use of this remote reporting tool on your point-of-sale system. If necessary, a support technician may decide to assist in the installation of the acquired SSL certificate or to assist in the event of a problem with the certificate, by registering on a server and making the necessary changes. This type of support can be provided by Remote Access, which allows Xolphin`s support engineer to access the server (or server you control).